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Location: Shenzhen resume email: hr@bowliving.com

Post duties:

1. make product marketing strategy and implementation plan, evaluate and improve the effect of market execution, including brand strategy, product strategy, channel strategy, communication strategy, price strategy, media cooperation strategy, partner strategy, promotion strategy and so on.

2. supervise the implementation of the overall strategy of the head office by local branches, regularly summarize the feedback effect, and propose corresponding adjustment plan.

3. responsible for sales department training in market knowledge and data analysis.

4. responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the brand

5. in charge of media public relations

Post requirements:

1. Be familiar with the media industry in all parts of the country, have a strategic knowledge of brand promotion, and be good at communication.

2, engaged in relevant media, market planning senior positions for at least 4-5 years, familiar with the operation of the media market, strong market planning, resources development and integration ability; the marketing strategy of self operated products has a profound understanding of the laying and promotion of marketing channels.

3. Sensitive touch on the market, excellent analysis, prediction, decision-making and execution ability, innovative thinking and team spirit.


Location: Shenzhen resume email: hr@bowliving.com

Post duties:

1, according to the product and brand positioning, product and brand packaging and promotion, do specific and feasible marketing promotion and effective marketing plan;

2, carry out the brand management and communication strategy of the company, plan various brand promotion activities, regularly launch window display, print design plan, etc.

3, cooperate and serve the various departments of the company to carry out business development;

4. Collect market and customer information and media resources, maintain public relations and conduct effective PR activities.

5, carry out the management and construction of the team to ensure the completion of the Department's task targets.

6, develop departmental cost budgets, control all related costs, and increase return on investment.

7, in-depth understanding of the industry, grasp the latest industry trends, provide business development strategy for enterprises.

Requirements for office:

1, marketing, management and other related professional background, bachelor degree or above;

2. More than seven years of marketing planning, promotion and brand management experience, including three years of marketing management experience.

3. Strong public relations, communication and negotiation skills.

4, there is a strong sense of cause and sense of responsibility.

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