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Who are we?


BOWLIVING manages household goods.

BOWLIVING disseminates world design trends.

BOWLIVING helps you to rediscover the beauty of life.

Most of the BOWLIVING products are works of famous designers in Europe and the world, and there are many classic works. BOWLIVING follows closely the latest trend of design in the world: Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York... We pass on the latest design works and ideas in the world to China.

BOWLIVING comes along with the market trend of consumption upgrading. More and more people in China are no longer satisfied with the insipid living environment, they need a better life, and love the design of the beauty of home appliances. Since its birth, BOWLIVING has focused on providing high quality, unique and highly designed household products, and has received widespread attention in the high-end household products market.

Since its first store opened in the Mixc, Shenzhen in 2014, BOWLIVING has won excellent reputation in Shenzhen's high-end household products industry. Rather than meeting the customer's needs, it is better to say that BOWLIVING helps customers discover the beautiful things that belong to them and help their customers realize their unreachable dreams with a unique aesthetic perspective.

In October 2017, BOWLIVING opened in the flagship store in Vientiane world, a more spacious and comfortable shopping environment, and a more unique temperament, so that every visitor to the visit has a new experience! At present, BOWLIVING Shenzhen airport store is opening soon. Let's hope for a new surprise.

BOWLIVING has always been committed to providing high-end home products for the Chinese market.

We will continue to be the leader of the industry and let more Chinese families have the world's beauty.

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